Easy, Scrumptious Kale Salad


Ever since I had my first taste of kale, I was hooked. It was like love at first bite! A friend of mine made me and my husband a grilled chicken sandwich with kale and it was one of the best, and probably the healthiest sandwich I’ve ever had. There’s something about the flavour and texture of kale that I find very appealing. And if you are not a fan of its crunchiness or its earthy, bitter, yet sweet flavour, may its reputation for being one of the world’s healthiest foods entice you to try one.

What people are now starting to realize is that kale is packed to the max with essential vitamins like C and K, vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, and minerals like manganese, iron, copper, potassium, and phosphorus.

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable that provides nutrients that reduces risks of heart disease, and supports healthy digestion, as well as healthy skin, hair and bones.

There are plenty ways to eat this “super green”. Some cook it, others bake it and make kale chips (yumm!), while the rest of us just wash it and eat it raw. You can add it to your sandwich/wrap as a substitute for the good ol’ boring lettuce (sorry Sweets!) and make your lunch even healthier. Or make yourself this easy, scrumptious kale salad. In 5 simple steps, your tummy will be dancing to a happy tune.

Even my 20 month old toddler eats kale when I make us this salad.



  • A bunch of kale leaves, chopped in small pieces.
  • White onion, chopped in small pieces.
  • Apple with skin on, cut in small chunks.
  • Dried cranberries.
  • Almond halves.


  • Lemon juice from fresh lemon
  • Olive oil
  • White sugar


  1. Put a bunch of your chopped kale leaves into a salad bowl. (Some people massage salt into the leaves to get rid of the bitterness. I have never tried doing that for this recipe because I think the dressing takes care of that for you. But you have that option if you’d like. If you are going to add the stem to your salad (yes it is edible! please don’t throw it away!), you have the option of blanching or braising it. I skip this part and just cut my stem in tiny pieces. It adds more crunch to my salad). Add the chopped onion, and set aside.

  2. Combine lemon juice, sugar and olive oil in a bowl and whisk it until the sugar is dissolved. (I made this salad several times now and I find that we like the dressing better when I used freshly squeezed lemon juice. I normally used one whole lemon or more depending on the size of the lemon or how much salad I’m making. Add then I add my sugar in small amounts. Again, taste as you go. After pouring the olive oil into the mix and dissolving the sugar, tweak it here and there until you are satisfied with your dressing. Try going easy on the sugar since you are adding other ingredients that would add sweetness to this salad).

  3. Pour 3/4 of the dressing on the kale. Toss it well to coat the leaves.

  4. Add small chunks of apple and a handful of dried cranberries.

  5. Then crushed the almond halves with your hand as you sprinkle them on top.

  6. Add the remaining salad dressing on top.

And there you have it! Your very own Scrumptious Kale Salad! How easy is that?

Enjoy! 🙂

Disclaimer: I don’t normally use measuring spoons/cups when I cook. Unless I’m baking of course. Cooking is more of an art. So when I cook, I usually just eyeball things. The key is to taste your food while you cook, and adjust your spices as your taste buds dictate. What maybe sweet for me, may not be the case for you. Hence, the lack of measurements on my recipes. I will leave that up to you. All the necessary ingredients (and tips!) however will be provided.

Happy experimenting cooking!

❤ Zhi

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