The Best Carrot Cake!

Last year, a good friend of mine asked me to make her her wedding cake. I was honoured and thrilled about her request! I have braved making my own wedding cake the day before my wedding, so I thought, I can handle somebody else’s wedding cake too, especially now that I have more experience in baking and decorating cakes. When she told me what cake she wanted, I almost wanted to back out, or at least try to convince her to change it into something else… something that I have done before. But I did nothing of sort. I kept my worries to myself.

After I had let myself panicked at the thought that the wedding cake would turn out disastrous (of which of course I have not mentioned to her even till now!), I went on Google, Youtube, and Pinterest on a hunt for a carrot cake recipe! You see, I have not made a carrot cake EVER prior to her request. I’ve eaten carrot cake twice in my life and they were delicious, but it was never my favourite, so I dared not baking one myself, until a couple of months prior to my friend’s big day!

After much research, I found 3 carrot cake recipes online that I liked and started experimenting. After many (failed and so-so) attempts of making a fluffy carrot cake with just the right amount of spices, and the right combination of icing that is not cheeky sweet, I think I nailed it. I made the ultimate carrot cake for any occasion! I’ve made this exact carrot cake (in varying sizes, height, and decoration with great success!) about 9 times already just this year alone, and we are only in April. I’ve also used the same recipe to make carrot cupcakes (mini and regular sizes), and they turned out amazing!

Egg Noodle Soup


Egg noodle soup. This is just the pick me up that I needed. To be honest, I didn’t feel like cooking today. I didn’t feel like posting either. (I know it’s been a while since my last post. So I think this is long overdue). If I could I’d probably just stay at the beach, and watch the waves as they build up and crash over and over again. There was something hypnotic about it. The monotonous sound of the rolling waves was mind numbing. It was oddly peaceful.

As I sat there, I tried to listen to the voice whose hands created the beauty that is in front of me. But His voice was muffled by the waves and the thoughts in my head. Continue reading

Quinoa Salad

I have never cooked quinoa before. If I don’t want to cook rice, or pasta, I make couscous instead. But I have read a lot of good things about quinoa. Research says it’s high in fiber and protein. It’s also rich in flavanoids, which is a type of antioxidants that can help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. It also contains iron, zinc, and magnesium among other things. I’m no health freak. But I do want to feed my family healthy food specially with the amount of meat we consume in this house. LOL. So I asked my husband to buy me a pack of quinoa when he took the girls to get the groceries a while back. It sat in our cupboard for weeks, until now.

I went online to look for recipes. Unfortunately, I do not have all the ingredients for any of the quinoa dishes I looked at. But I already cooked my quinoa this morning so there’s no turning back now. If my baby wasn’t napping, I probably would have run to the store to grab the ingredients. So I did what I usually do. I made an experiment using what I already have. And surprisingly it turned out so good, I started more than just tasting it after I made it. Hahaha.


So here I am sharing this with you! Continue reading

Creamy Pork Chops


I am going to make this post short and sweet because I was almost falling asleep when I was reading books to our toddler and it was only 7:30. I actually thought I will go straight to bed at 8 after I put Mira down, but then our 7th month old baby woke up and needed to eat (again!). So here I am at the dining table, feeding Diane the dish I am sharing with you right now.  Continue reading

Creamy Spinach Salad

Bacon Roses

bacon-rosesMy husband loves bacon. I didn’t grow up eating it so at first I didn’t quite understand his fascination over the greasy, salty, fatty, artery-clogging thin strips of pork.

I didn’t like it crispy the way he likes it. To me it’s pretty much like eating salt. And when it’s cooked soft, I gag at the juicy fat.

But ask me what I have with my eggs for breakfast on (most) Saturdays, or what I like to have in my burger other than the fresh cut veggies, and the answer would be… BACON.

Yes. I have been a convert. When they go on sale, we buy packs of them!

To commemorate my husband’s love for bacon, I have been making him a bouquet of bacon roses for Valentine’s Day. It all started a few years ago, and it had become a yearly tradition that my husband enjoys coming home to (other than his lovely wife I hope! and beautiful girls of course!).  Continue reading

2 Ingredient Mandarin Sesame Chicken Breasts