Journal Entry

  • It’s another baby girl!

    November 20th Today marks the 12th day since I last went on social media. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you would probably remember my last post – a picture of our dark snowy drive at 5:55 in the morning to the hospital to have the baby. I know I left you with a cliff hanger there. Some of you sent me messages asking how I was…

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  • My birthday!

    (This post has been sitting on my draft box for weeks. I might as well publish it before our newborn joins our family. Here’s to another year God has blessed me!). October 11. Friday. It was a beautiful day! Quite warm for a fall day…

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  • Unicorn Birthday Party

    March 5, 2019 It’s March already and yet we are still experiencing snow… lots of it! It’s minus 10 tonight but it feels like minus 17 with the windchill factor. We were out the door early this morning for Edward and Mira’s immunization shots. It…

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  • Unplug

    October… my favourite month of all, and it’s just about done in a couple of days. Sigh! How is everyone doing? Are you enjoying this season too as much as I do? Welcome to my blog and my nomadic posts, which bears a magicians commonly…

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  • And she’s 2!

    Our beautiful wild child had her 2nd birthday in July. I had every plan to write about it and share some of the preparations we did, and how that special day went, but July was so hectic and August just slipped through my fingers. So…

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