Lunch Bag Puppets


Puppets made from paper lunch bags.

One of my favourite crafts that I did with my Sunday School class are these fun and easy to make lunch bags puppets. Our lesson was about the prophet Elijah and the widow in Zarephath and his son (1 Kings 17:7-24). Hence, the 3 puppets. Some of the kids in my class tried to copy the sample puppets I made, but there were others who took it to the next level and made their own version of how Elijah, the widow and her son should look like. Continue reading

Thanksgiving (Paper Bag) Tree


Last week I got to teach our Sunday School class how to make this pretty cool Thanksgiving paper tree. I must admit after making it with them, I told my husband that I would like for us to add this to our family tradition. I think it makes an awesome family activity.

Our church office has a pack of these paper lunch bags that I have been using in some of my craft projects with the kids. The last time I used it, we made some puppets out of it. Continue reading