Cute Baby Announcement Photo Ideas

I’ve been thinking of creative ways to publicly announce our good news! When we had our first, three years ago, I carved a pumpkin and posted it on Facebook. I did it during the Fall season when pumpkins were readily available. To read about my step-by-step on how I made our Fall theme baby announcement, click here. For our second baby, I didn’t do anything since I took almost a year and a half sabbatical from Facebook. We did have maternity photos taken by a photographer (and then we took pictures of her ourselves when she arrived) and I used those to make a thank you card to give to friends and family.

Now that I am back on social media… and not only Facebooking, but also blogging (for the first time!) I thought I should probably do something creative to publicly announce that our family is expanding. Continue reading

Effective Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites (First Hand Experience!)

mosquito-bites-on-toddlerOur toddler has an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. She swells up pretty bad! And when she scratches them, they sometimes get infected, leaving the affected area more swollen and purulent. I also noticed that when her swelling starts to subside, some of them bruise up.

A pharmacist suggested I give her oral Benadryl for children (5ml every 6 hrs) and apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream on her mosquito bites, 2-3 times a day.  I did this for about a week while we were away on our trip. She was so itchy, and I was desperate! Eventually, the swelling and itchiness went away.

mosquito-bites-on-babyA week after we got back home, we went camping. The campsite was infested with mosquitoes! A mom’s worst nightmare when you have a kid who is notoriously allergic to mozzie bites! She ended up with yet another round of swelling, this time even on her face. I was heartbroken to see her face end up disfigured from the swelling. Even her younger sister who didn’t have a bad reaction to mosquito bites before ended up with awful swelling. (She still managed to keep her happy disposition despite it all). So our camping was cut short, and we went home the next day.

This time I opted for a more natural solution. And I’M GLAD I DID! Continue reading

Just an Update!


Hi folks,

I meant to post more regularly after returning from our big summer road trip. I was able to do it for a while but then some things came up. First, our kiddos got eaten alive by mosquitoes when we went camping (this was a week after we got back from our road trip). Our toddler has an awful allergic reaction to mosquito bites (same as her dad when he was young) so it was a horrible experience for her, and for me too. My husband was pretty calm about it, but I almost rushed her to the ER when her face swelled up. Continue reading

Road Trip (Day Five)

Journaling our first big family road trip with our old and rusty well-loved Dodge Caravan.

(Minnesota – North Dakota – Manitoba – Dugald). Road time: 8 hrs


June 26 (Monday).

We came down at 7:40 AM for breakfast. The dining area was packed! We almost went down to the lower level of the inn because we couldn’t find a table. The sign that I noticed last night now made sense.

Two men drinking their coffee gave us their seats when they saw we have 2 little ones with us. It was very kind of them. And we were grateful. Another person gave us a spare chair for Mira. I nodded and gave him thanks. We didn’t see any high chairs so Diane ended up on Ian’s lap. We all shared the small table, and had bagels, muffins and cold cereal for breakfast. I had a cup of hot chocolate. Ian had coffee as usual, and the girls had apple juice. We ate in a rush to give room to others who were waiting for tables to be available. By the time we finished breakfast, the swimming pool was open for the day.  Continue reading

Road Trip (Day Four)

Journaling our first big family road trip with our old and rusty well-loved Dodge Caravan.

(Linwood – Mackinac – Wisconsin – Minnesota). Road time: 11 hrs

Google map.

June 25 (Sunday).

Mira likes to stretch when she sleeps, and she has a habit of kicking her blankets off. When I opened my eyes, she was sprawled over half of the air mattress, while Ian and I were squished on the other half, with Ian’s back pressing on the mesh of the playpen. I woke up Ian and asked him to move to the other side where there’s more space. We carefully moved Mira, who was sleeping on top of the comforter, under the covers, between us. I went back to sleep, but not for long. Diane woke up and wanted to chat. She started getting fussy so I brought her to our bed. It was 6:45 AM. The campground was still quiet. Continue reading

Road Trip (Day Three)

Journaling our first big family road trip with our old and rusty well-loved Dodge Caravan.

(Mississauga – London – Sarnia – Michigan Border – Frankenmuth – Linwood).
Road time: 6 1/2 hrs


June 24 (Saturday).

Ian’s alarm went off. It was still dark outside. We kissed, and he slipped out the door to meet the guys for an early breakfast, and to drive them to the airport for their flight to Manitoba. The girls were both up and exploring the room when Ian came back from the airport. We started packing some of our things and went down at 9:45 for a family brunch, bringing some of our luggage with us. It was the same food selection from yesterday except for the fruits. We loaded up our plates and enjoyed another feast. The day was definitely warm but with cooler breeze this time. We left the hotel around 11:30 AM. Ian played some Jazz music on the radio. Diane and I both fell asleep.

Cute toddler blowing kisses.When I woke up Mira was still singing some nursery rhymes repeatedly. I took a video of her. She noticed what I was doing and blew me a kiss. My heart melted! My finger quickly hit the camera button on my phone. I was ecstatic I was able to capture this precious moment! What a sweetheart! ❤

From the horizon, I could see billows of fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky. It was beautiful. The clouds look so soft.

We stopped in London around 2 PM to stretch our legs and grab some supplies. Outside the Dollar Store we parked and ate our packed left over food, and then we hit the road again. Diane stayed awake this time; talking to herself, giggling and making lots of cute noises, sometimes even singing. Mira on the other hand, took a nap.  Continue reading

Road Trip (Day Two)

Journaling our first big family road trip with our old and rusty well-loved Dodge Caravan.

(Mississauga – Toronto – Mississauga). Road time: 2 hrs


June 23 (Friday).

Mira woke up around 7 and came looking for me. In the dark, I could see her figure, standing beside our bed where I was. She then made a sound and wanted me to pick her up and nurse. Diane was still sleeping, tired from being up late last night.

We all finally made it downstairs for breakfast. It was 8:30. The dining area was right across from the lobby, with booths and tables and bars. We chose a booth to sit and grabbed 2 high chairs for the girls. Devon joined us for breakfast. We had a feast. We were so pleased with the amount of food there was! I started my plate with the first food on the assembly line, scrambled eggs. I then loaded it up with breakfast sausages, bacon, French toasts, diced fried potatoes, and different kinds of fruits. I skipped the cereals. I need something heavy. I did the same thing for Mira and Ian’s plates. Diane shared her daddy’s food so I loaded his plate with more. The girls shared some yogurt after. I had to go back for seconds. And so did the rest of the adults in our table. The guys had coffee. I had tea and orange juice. It was a fine meal. A very fulfilling breakfast!

Enjoying our continental breakfast @ Four Points Hotel.

Continue reading