Where is the beauty in the Now?

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Where is the Beauty in the Now?

by Zhi Olson


Where is the beauty in the now?

Is it in the fresh snow covering the ground?

Or in the infectious laughter of a toddler running around?

Could it be in the warmth of the fireplace with its flickering flames?

Or in the innocent face of a newborn sleeping, and its delicate frame?


Where is the beauty in the now?

Is it in the honest apology for something done wrong?

Or in the gentle embrace of forgiveness and a beautiful song?

Perhaps it is in the sweet scent of a baby’s breath after nursing?

Or in the genuine smile they freely give when joy fills their being?


Where is the beauty in the now?

Is it in the ray of the sun in a cold winter day?

Or in the pink blossoms of the magnolia tree in the month of May?

Maybe it’s written on the cookie-crumb covered faces of toddlers?

Or in the aroma of freshly baked chocolate cake and sticky little fingers?


Where is the beauty in the now?

Is it under the silky touch of a freshly washed bamboo sheet?

Or in the beat of the music that makes us want to tap our feet?

Could it be perchance tucked between the pages of a well-read book?

Or in the soothing sound of the trickling water by the brook?


Where is the beauty in the now?

Is it hidden behind the mundane everyday scene?

Like neatly folded laundry, dishes washed, and house cleaned?

Or could it be found in the happy little faces and scattered toys?

Jumping puddles, muddy feet, laughing noise?


One thing for sure, your beauty now I plainly see.

No longer obscured by the fog, under a veil, or a tapestry.

In my quest to find where your charms truly lie,

I recognized a certain pattern, an ambient theme, a rainbow in the sky.


My quest is finally over, I think I now understand.

The BEAUTY in the NOW is in EVERY moment, be it small or grande.

It’s not buried in the past, or lost in the future’s uncertainty.

It is in the memories I make RIGHT NOW, not just the places I go, or faces I see.


<3 Zhi






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