Edward’s Baby Photos

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I’d like to get this post out before March officially ends. I had so many unwritten drafts tucked in my mind, I am seriously having a mental overload of what I wish to write but never got to. I keep reminding myself that this is temporary. That someday I will be able to pen them down. Yes. Someday. Maybe. With 3 kiddos age 3 and below, who knows when that might be.

Of course a lot has happened since my last post was published. I am not getting into grueling details of what had transpired during those weeks. I fear I might bore you to death if you ever do read any of my blurbs from beginning to end. And for those who actually do, thank you for reaching out to me and sending me your private messages. I am very encouraged by your words. Just knowing the fact that someone actually read them brings me joy. One of the comments I received was someone reading my last post thrice. Have you seen how long it was? If not, go ahead and read it so we can both say “wow”. That’s commitment there, I tell you. As moms we are connected in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

If you are wondering how I’m doing now, 5 weeks and 3 days after giving birth to a huge handsome baby boy which led to a 4th degree tear, I am actually surprisingly feeling pretty good. No more apparent bleeding for almost 2 weeks now and I have been pretty active and moving around more. I will write a separate post updating my recovery especially for those who are unfortunately on the same boat as me and are filled with so many unanswered questions like I was at the beginning.

If you suffered from a 4th degree tear too and reading this, I’m sorry this happened to you. It sucks, I know! If I can hold your hand and tell you personally that things will get better, I would. The first 2 weeks was the hardest part for me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I cried buckets of tears and I let my fears overwhelmed me at times. But every time I look at the face of my babe sleeping peacefully in my arms, my love for him and the joy of having him close to me washes away everything that seems to be wrong in this world. And I’m not even exaggerating.

I’d like to share with you some of our newborn photos of Edward, taken by a very special photographer who went to our home with her gear (umbrella light, props and all) and set-up in our basement when she found out I couldn’t leave the house at the time. These beautiful photos were shot when Edward was just 13 days old.

Isn’t he just adorable?

newborn boy photos.jpgPosing in front of the camera already like a pro!

baby boy photoshoot.jpgAnd here are some photos of the rest of us with this sweet bundle of joy. Can you tell his sisters are thrilled to have a baby brother?!

family with newborn photos.jpgFamily photo with newborn boy.jpg

My husband and I just can’t get enough of him already! We sometimes fight over who will get to hold the baby. He’s precious and we are so very blessed!

parents with newborn photos.jpg<3 Zhi


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