• My birthday!

    (This post has been sitting on my draft box for weeks. I might as well publish it before our newborn joins our family. Here’s to another year God has blessed me!). October 11. Friday. It was a beautiful day! Quite warm for a fall day actually. The sun was out and you can definitely walk in shirt, shorts, and flip flops if you want to. A bunch of lovely ladies…

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  • And she’s 2!

    Our beautiful wild child had her 2nd birthday in July. I had every plan to write about it and share some of the preparations we did, and how that special day went, but July was so hectic and August just slipped through my fingers. So…

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  • Cupcake Cards

    I find it challenging to work on a craft project during the day because my girls don’t have the same nap times. When one goes down for a snooze, the other wakes up. But yesterday afternoon, they went on a synchronize nap for almost 2…

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