Cupcake Cards

I find it challenging to work on a craft project during the day because my girls don’t have the same nap times. When one goes down for a snooze, the other wakes up. But yesterday afternoon, they went on a synchronize nap for almost 2 hours so I was able to work on some thank you cards I wanted to give to friends who brought their little ones to have a playdate with our toddler on her 2nd birthday.

I made some bifold cupcake-shaped cards with matching handmade envelopes. 


I didn’t get to take pictures of the process as I was trying to get it done as fast as I could while the girls are napping away. I used white cardstock and 3 different coloured papers to layer my cupcake. And when I was just about to put the jewel embellishments (one of the gifts Mira got for her birthday, but momma is using… hahaha) baby Diane woke up crying. And that eventually woke up Mira. So I had to pause crafting, take off my crafter hat, and put on my momma hat.

But eventually after supper was done, and my husband finally got home from work, I was able to finish my cupcake cards. 

For the envelopes. I just used regular printer paper. After cutting the shape I want and scored the necessary edges, I glued the bottom part to the sides. And voila! It fits like a glove!

Let’s take another look at these cupcake cards.


Don’t you just want to eat them? Hahaha. I think my baby would if they are within her reach. She likes to put everything in her mouth!


cupcake-cards_wm2.jpgBut of course, as I was about to write my note, I had an epiphany… why not write the word thanks across the bottom of my cupcake? Duh! It’s a thank you card after all! SO I DID! I used the purple and pink crayola markers my daughter got for her birthday and wrote the word thanks. And then topped it off using my coloured fine point sharpie markers to make the letters more defined. Later, I punched out little butterflies in pink and purple and glued them close to the word thanks. (I thought I took a picture of the finished product, but I guess I didn’t. Ooppsss! Sorry!). I used the punched paper as border in the inside, so it looks like this…

(At least that one I was able to take a snap shot before heading out the door). And then I sealed the envelope using the self-adhesive border gem you see sitting on top of the envelope.

I hope this inspires you to make your own cupcake cards! I sure had fun making them. This can easily be transformed into a birthday card, baby shower card, or even just a simple hello card to someone special. Your options are endless!

Happy crafting!

<3 Zhi

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  • Valerie

    March 9, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Ooh, I love these – how cute!

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