Lunch Bag Puppets

Puppets made from paper lunch bags.

One of my favourite crafts that I did with my Sunday School class are these fun and easy to make lunch bags puppets. Our lesson was about the prophet Elijah and the widow in Zarephath and his son (1 Kings 17:7-24). Hence, the 3 puppets. Some of the kids in my class tried to copy the sample puppets I made, but there were others who took it to the next level and made their own version of how Elijah, the widow and her son should look like.

I remember one little girl telling me that she wants her widow puppet to wear a pretty dress, and so a pretty dress with flower she made her! One boy in particular told me he wants to make a 21st century Elijah. So he made a puppet wearing a suit. Another boy copied the idea except he decided that Elijah should still be wearing a head covering and holding a staff. One boy made Elijah with 3 eyes. When I asked why, he said so he can see better. I rest my case.

It was amazing to see the joy in their faces as they make their own puppets. They were lost in their own little creative world. I took mental pictures of that day as the kids sort through the materials in front of them. My heart was beaming with pride!

The youngest in my class was 6, and the oldest was 9. And here are their paper bag puppets made by their own little hands.



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