My birthday!

When she came back in, my 3 little ones excitedly greeted her as she climbed up the stairs to our living room. Next thing I know, Sherry walked in the house with some food in her hands as well. The 3 of us chatted as I finished preparing lunch. Soon after, Cherry came in the door and walked into the kitchen bearing food as well!

My plan to just have a quiet birthday with my family feasting on my favourite food turned out to be a fun-filled afternoon with this crazy bunch! ? We had a good feast! And we all had a blast! ???

Since the day was warm, we moved our little party to my backyard. What a gorgeous afternoon! The sun remained our company. With some gentle cool breeze, the weather was just perfect to be outdoors. The ladies set the table outside for our appetizers and desserts while I made us my special hot chocolate-espresso, topped with homemade whipped cream and ground cinnamon! It was a hit! ❤

We were just about to start eating our desserts when Annie, who came straight from work, walked into my backyard. It was a lovely surprise! While we chatted and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, the kids roam free, picked some apples from our apple tree, and played in the dirt.

Just before everyone left, we played a pin-the-pacifier-to-the-baby’s-mouth game that Cherry made. Mira, my oldest daughter, was the only one who got the pacifier right on the spot! Some of us got it on the baby’s mouth, shoulder, nose, and even on the baby’s toes. It was hilarious! ???

Eventually, everyone had to leave and my 2 younger kids went for their much needed naps. I took advantage of the warm, gorgeous day and raked our front lawn. ?? Mira decided to stay up and helped me with raking. 

We were just about done when daddy pulled in the driveway. He handed Mira a bouquet of red flowers to give to me. Mira happily obliged and gave me the flowers. I asked her to bring them in the house, which she immediately did.

Ian grabbed the other rake and helped me finish the last leaf pile at the end of our lawn. And then we attacked the thick blanket of fallen leaves piling up in Al’s lawn until we ran out of leaf bags. ??? (Our neighbor Al lives by himself and hasn’t been feeling well these past couple of years so we have been raking his leaves for him whenever possible).

When Ian took the leaf bags to the compost, I warmed up some left overs for dinner. We were planning to watch a movie with the kids after supper but it was getting pretty late so we just put on the Mighty Pups for them. We all cuddled in the couch and let Ryder and his pups entertained us all.

When our kids were finally tucked in bed, Ian handed me a birthday card sealed in a pink envelope. I quickly opened it and soon found myself wiping tears off my eyes. One thing most people don’t know about my husband is that he actually writes beautiful love letters! For someone who hates writing, and typically a man of few words, he’s emotionally expressive when he writes me a letter. Hence, I started calling him ‘Sweets’.

I took out 2 wine glasses of chocolate mousse from the fridge after reading my birthday card. Ian has been making me this decadent dessert on my birthday since we have been courting after he found out how much I love this cake! (Another reason why I call him Sweets!)

We spent the rest of our evening enjoying our desserts while watching a movie and then reminiscing special memories and dreaming of the future. What a perfect way to end my special day! ? I couldn’t have asked for more! ❤

❤ Zhi

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