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Hi folks,

I meant to post more regularly after returning from our big summer road trip. I was able to do it for a while but then some things came up. First, our kiddos got eaten alive by mosquitoes when we went camping (this was a week after we got back from our road trip). Our toddler has an awful allergic reaction to mosquito bites (same as her dad when he was young) so it was a horrible experience for her, and for me too. My husband was pretty calm about it, but I almost rushed her to the ER when her face swelled up. I will write a separate post about that and share with you 3 home remedies I used that took care of the swelling and itching without ending up at the ER.

Then another thing that happened was a friend of mine asked me, 2 days before the event, to host a baby shower (it was held in a nice restaurant) and come up with some games. I’ll share with you the 3 baby shower games I ended up using in case you are thinking of hosting a baby shower yourself. I made my own Baby Jeopardy game, and I’d say everyone had such a blast playing it that they even asked me for more! Stay tune for that post.

Lastly, I had my second craft show this year. Unfortunately it was while my husband was away on a 3-day business trip so I went solo. I’d like to share with you my experience on that one too, and post some pictures of the new items I added to my growing collection of craft items. The button bookmarks I made the day before the show was a huge hit! I sold out all my “dog” bookmarks! Yay!

I still meant to finish the road trip journal I started. It may not be as detailed as the previous posts when everything was still fresh in my memory. But you’d still have the gist of how everything went. I started writing down our summer trip primarily to update our families who live far from us, and to let our friends know how our summer had been. But if you don’t belong to any of the two categories I’ve mentioned, I hope you’d still find reading our road trip with 2 little kiddos an interesting read.

That’s all for now…

<3 Zhi

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