Journal Entry

  • The Show

    It was October of 2014 when my fingers first met the strings of my ukulele. I remember I was sitting on our couch in our living room upstairs trying to play my husband’s guitar that I gave him for his birthday years ago. I was…

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  • Nature Walk with Mira

    These lovely photos were taken in early August by a dear friend of mine. Mira just turned 6 months on that very same day. Before my friend pulled in to our driveway, she scouted our area for a nice place to take the photos. She found the…

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  • God’s whisper. 

    I was going through some tough times in my life when I wrote this poem. It had been an encouragement since then. Once in a while, when I am feeling discouraged, I look back at this. Strangely, it offers me a sense of relief… a…

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