• Tasty (Baked) Chicken Drumsticks

    I’ve only made this dish once (almost 2 weeks ago) and it was a big hit! Maybe it’s about time to make its comeback on our dinner table. I love how easy this is to make and how tasty the chicken drumsticks turned out to be. The flavour wasn’t just sitting on the outer part of the chicken. It was infused! Every bite was as flavorful as the first. I’ve used…

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  • Baked Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce

    Ever since I have made this baked salmon with hollandaise sauce, I’ve discovered a love for salmon in a whole new level! Don’t get me wrong, I love salmon. Period. It’s my second favourite fish next to milkfish (bangus). But there’s just something special about this…

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  • Easy Seafood Paella

    When I started having kids, I started to appreciate more the easy and no fuss recipes that are available on my finger tips… thanks to Google search! But sometimes, no matter how easy and quick some of the recipes are, I still resort to coming…

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