• Baked (Crunchy) Basa Fillets

    Two weeks ago, we bought frozen Basa fillets. They’re huge! I think there were 8-9 fillets in a pack. The fillets are twice as big as the salmon fillets we normally get in the grocery store for sure. We had 3 of these fillets left from the last time I cooked so I thawed them before we headed out. I was planning to bake them in the oven when we…

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  • Stuffed Sweet Peppers

    Sweet peppers can be very pricey. So we normally just by its not so sweet counterpart – the green peppers. However, when sweet peppers go on sale, my husband and I stock up on them. I’ve seen some stuffed peppers before. They looked intimidating. So…

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  • Baked Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce

    Ever since I have made this baked salmon with hollandaise sauce, I’ve discovered a love for salmon in a whole new level! Don’t get me wrong, I love salmon. Period. It’s my second favourite fish next to milkfish (bangus). But there’s just something special about this…

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