I’m back with an exciting news!

So I took a little break… Okay maybe, it’s more than just a little. I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging since May. And let me tell you, I’ve been aching to sit down, shut the world behind me, and come back here again.

But, when you have 3 little ones, doing some deck reno on the side, travelling to see family from distant miles, crafting, and homeschooling… carving a time to sit down and write has been pushed further and further down the bottom of my to-do list.

Today, I wish to change that.

Because I have an amazing news I’ve been yearning to share with you guys.

We are about to have our fourth baby soon! Yay!!! Even our kids are excited!

Some people are rooting for another baby boy to level the playing field for Edward since he already has 2 big sisters bossing him around and smothering him with too much hugs and kisses.

I know the thought of not knowing can be overwhelming sometimes. I get that there are some perks to finding out the gender of your baby in terms of preparation and all. But, there is also beauty in not knowing and just fully trusting that whatever God gives you will fit perfectly into your growing family. So I am choosing to wait (again!) and not spoil one of the best surprises in life.

It won’t be long…

Soon, I’ll get to meet this little person growing inside me and get to tell him/her that he/she is wonderfully made and incredibly loved!

❤ Zhi

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