Unicorn Birthday Party

Mira was so excited for her party, she could hardly contain herself!
As soon as she woke up that morning, she put on her favourite unicorn dress and was very eager to help me decorate, and pack the party favor bags with treats. For our homeschool Math, I introduced her to skip counting by 2s and we skip counted all the treats that we put into the bags. By the time we were done, she was able to skip count by herself through repetition.

(A little side note about our middle child Diane: She’s actually pretty excited too that we are having a birthday party, and has been telling me that for her birthday she wants me to make her a chocolate cake with horses. To show her support for Mira and Edward, she had been singing “happy birthday” on and off throughout the day for the past few days, which has been the most requested bedtime song).

The first family that arrived was Mira’s best friend. She opened the door wide for them, letting the cold air in, even when they had just parked at the end of the driveway. A trickle of people arrived soon after, and our house became full of adults sitting in the living room with kids running around. Chatter, laughter, and the smell of good food filled the air.

kid's birthday party.jpg

Just before noon, Mira and Edward, with the help of Diane and other kids, started opening presents. Our girls both love wrapping and unwrapping presents, so to open so many gifts gave them such a thrill.

kids unwrapping presents.jpg

And as all good things come to an end… the party ended too with people leaving one by one. Mira handed their treat bags to them as they head out the door. Our kids were all exhausted, they all went to bed as soon as everyone has left. “I had fun momma”, Mira said to me as she closed her eyes.

❤ Zhi

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